ada-art is an art and culture project, founded on Marmara Island in Turkey in 1997. Mehmet Şenol, an architect and artist, and Christina Schray, a culture manager and performance artist, have created ada-art as a space for encounters of and dialogue between different cultural expressions. ada-art has hosted exhibitions and workshops on sculpture, painting, photography, dance, yoga, language and ecological architecture.


The project buildings include a 100 m2 hall situated within an olive grove. Its thick stone walls ensure that work shop participants feel comfortable even in the hot summer months. A further building is a guesthouse with direct access to the sea. Another building is a hut that was converted into a living space during an adobe construction workshop in the summer of 2014.


The project area is in a quiet bay near the village of Gündoğdu and offers guests space for creative work, rest and relaxation.


ada-art also welcomes groups from Europe or Turkey who want to rent the hall and guesthouse for their own projects.