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ada-art guesthouse

ada-art guesthouse is in a quiet bay near the village of Gündoğdu surrounded with olive trees and next to the sea. Gündoğdu is a 10 minutes walk away and the center of the island, Marmara 3,5 km.


In the guesthouse there are 4 standardrooms and 2 familyrooms with a seperate terrace, they all have 3 beds and a bathroom each. A seperate holiday flat with one bedroom, a living room with open kitchen, a bathroom and access to a balcony offers accommodation for up to 4 guests.

On the ground floor of the guesthouse are a kitchen and a common area, which is open to use for our guests to prepare their own meals. 

Breakfast will be served there as open buffet. 

The guesthouse is placed in a big garden full with olive trees and several places to sit. It offers guests space for creative work, rest and relaxation and leads directly to the sea. At the beach you will find sun-beds and umbrellas.



Our Rooms

ada-art garden / kitchen


room 3 


ada-art family suite


room 4


room 1,2 - apart room terrace


room 5


Room prices for the rooms in the guesthouse include breakfast.     

Children up to 6 years stay for free, up to 12 years %50 discount in price.


Room 1:                 Apart room with terrace  55,- Euro  (3. person 20,-Euro), incl. breakfast 

Room 2, 3 and 4:    Double room                  45,- Euro  (3. person 20,-Euro), incl. breakfast 

Holiday flat for 2 to 4 persons                       70,- Euro , incl. breakfast 

During the season we offer kids to be creative with painting, adobe, stone painting etc.....


Marmara Island

The island takes its name from the Greek word for “shining stone”. The first settlement on the island dates back to Hellenic antiquity. The settlement, which connected with sea colonies in the area, was continued by the Turks in the 15th century. The majority of the island’s population was Greek Orthodox, and Greeks and Turks coexisted on the island for centuries. After the population exchange agreed upon in the Lausanne Treaty, the Greeks were forced to move to Greece. In their place came resettled Turks from Crete and other Turks from the Black Sea region.


With an area of 110 km2, Marmara Island is the largest in the Marmara sea. The highest point of the island, at 710 metres, is the İlyas Hill, also known as the Nato Hill. Marmara Island belongs to the municipality of Marmara Islands and there are five neighbourhoods, today known as Çınarlı, Gündoğdu, Asmalı, Topağaç and Saraylar.


The Çınarlı neighbourhood is well-known for its century-old plane trees. It also houses a little museum with archeological finds from the area. In the Asmalı and Gündoğdu neighbourhoods with their old Greek houses, the residents, who are predominantly from the Black Sea, make a living from tourism, olive groves, fishing and transportation.


The Topağaç neighbourhood is most suited to agriculture and provides the island with many of its vegetables.


The Saraylar neighbourhood on the northern part of the island is where traces of the marble quarries of antiquity can be found. The town has been famous for its marble since it became a colony of Prokonnessos Miletus in 844 BC; marble is still extracted today.


Prokonnessos marble was used in the construction of the famous Artemis Temple in Ephesus (4th century BC) and the palace of the Satrap of Halicarnassus, Mausolos. It was furthermore an important source of marble for the Roman Empire. In Ottoman times, the marble for mosques and palaces was also quarried here. There is an open air museum in Saraylar.


Because marble absorbs humidity, humidity is very low on the island.


How to get there

There are daily IDO sea catamarans coming to Marmara Island from Istanbul (Yenikapı or Bostancı). The journey takes 3 hours. There are three Gestaş ferries a day from Erdek and private ferries from Tekirdağ.

Reservation Guesthouse

+90 (0)533 422 33 38

+49 (0)1525 322 18 54



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+90 (0)533 422 33 38

+49 (0)1525 322 18 54

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